To capitalise on the ongoing increase in our mobile traffic, 3P Direct have invested in mobile web technologies. This investment will provide mobile sites for our two B2B websites.

Following the launch of 3P’s consumer gift site,, and the growing success of B2B platforms &, 3P’s Head of e-Commerce talks about the companies new mobile strategy and why it is now so important to lead the way for innovation across the company’s online portfolio.

“This is an exciting move for 3P Direct’s online portfolio of websites, especially our B2B sites. We are one of few promotional product and packaging retailers that have invested in mobile web technologies and mobile sites. This enables our large and ever-expanding product range to be available to business owners and purchasing managers on the go. All of our customer information will still be stored securely on our mobile database, which will allow a customer to now be able to log in to their account from anywhere they have an internet connection on their mobile device, helping them to browse our catalogue, create new orders, and place re-orders.

UKPackaging Mobile SiteUKPrintPrice Mobile Site

Over the past few years we have seen a steady increase in mobile traffic generation to our sites. We believe that with this move and additional investment, it will accelerate the company’s growth further. This will therefore also help us to deliver a better user experience to our customers in a rapidly changing market.”

The ukpackaging site will also be receiving a completely new re-design for desktop users. This re-design and development is part of 3P Direct’s overall strategy to continually improve and invest in our online offerings. This will also help enhance our customer’s journey, from browsing, to their initial purchase, and to customer service and re-orders.